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From Doctors to Mediums, from Distance energy healing to Sound healing Practitioners… these are some of the talents that can educate us on nontraditional healing secrets & healing modalities.

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Haylee Lynn. Start Lucid Dreaming for Complete Beginners

The Lucid Mystic talks about lucid dreaming, the power of lucid dreaming, and provides 3 tips for...

Andrea Sutherland. Learning and Knowing Yourself, Struggle and Growth.

The journey of awakening is a mystic journey. Stepping in the unknown to become a better version...

Jenn Palmer and Kate Morton. Roller Coaster of Spiritual Growth.

Jenn and Kate discuss spiritual growth, karma, initiations, non-attachment, and the challenges that often show up on...

Melissa Feick. Third Eye Secret Activation

Melissa Feick discusses intuitive development, interdimensional travel, and techniques used in the activation of the pineal gland...

Melissa Feick. Raise Your Vibration Now

Melissa Feick shares 6 ways to raise your vibration, right now. “What choice are you making in...

Sherry Tuegel discussing Reiki and the All Love Sekhem Energy

Sherry Tuegel discusses the difference between receiving reiki and receiving the energy of All Love Sekhem Energy....

Sherry Tuegal on the Mastery of Patrick Zeigler and the All Love Energy.

Sherry Tuegel shares about All Love Workshops, the founder Patrick Zeigler and, the collapse of disempowering beliefs....

Patricia Hawse. The KarmaFest Experience

Patricia Hawse, founder of KarmaFest (a Holistic, Psychic, Yoga Festival), tells us all about KarmaFest and “The...

Jill Featherston. Theta Healing

Jill Featherstone talks about Applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing) and the benefits of Theta Healing.

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