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A lifetime Battle With Addiction Now Over, Thanks To The “Amo Ni” (I Love You) Method.

  • Apr 13, 2022

Using the principles of kinesiology and muscle testing, we have the tools needed to talk to the one person in charge of the entire show.

It is in that moment that you have a choice: you can keep doing things the same way, or now that you know the behavior you’ve been using, you can choose differently.

That is the power of this process. That is the power of Amo Ni.


In this interview we will discuss:

Bo’s background, substance abuse and self detriment

Trying to multiple healing modalities to make a change

Finding the modality that resonated with him

The exploration of muscle testing. Kinesiology

Stepping into self awareness

Releasing your emotions through the Amo Ni (I Love You) method

People are so willing to give up their own power to others when it comes to their own health and wellness

Teaching muscle testing to children in school to assist with the understanding that we are all connected, not only our inner self but also to everyone else

This understanding would completely shift societal beliefs

Being able to fill the void within yourself

Practitioners can find that place of vulnerability.

They can tune into it and create some real healing.

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