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Becca the SHAMAN, shares the culture, tradition and healing methods of Peruvian Shamanic ways

  • Jan 18, 2022

Becca Steinbach

In this video we will discuss:

What is a Shaman?

A knower a seer

Assembling the Shaman’s Mesa.

The tradition based in Peruvian Shamanism

Principles of Andean cosmology

The learning of the light and heavy energy and how it is defined

The illumination and extraction process

Remote work and how wonderfully effective it is

Becca’s awakening and how she got started.

The Dispacho (living prayers)

Helping you to walk the path of ascension.

Healing hike offering


Becca Steinbach: Joy Weaver / Paq’o / Mesa Carrier / Devotee to Great Spirit / Healer / Pillar of Light / Dreamer / Cacao Conduit / Embodiment Guide / Holy Fire Reiki Master / Ceremonialist / Shamanic Practitioner / Sun & Moon Child / Sacred Flame Initiate / Space Holder / In Sacred Service

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