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Food Cravings Signal Your Emotional State – Helene Popken.

  • Aug 09, 2022

Jennifer Helene, M.S. is an international expert in health and wellness, immersed in cutting-edge nutrition, fitness, and spiritual thought leadership. She’s on a mission to empower people to succeed in revitalizing their life, relationships, and businesses. J. Helene activates change through her health & lifestyle coaching and mentoring programs—breaking down the debilitating cycle of toxic habits and putting you on the path to vitality. She is a former FORD model, MasterChef (FOX TV) cast member, mother, seeker of truth, and principal of Purposeful Ventures.

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In this interview we discuss: chapters:

00:00 intro

01:22 – Helene Popken’s Story

05:01 – Healing with macrobiotic diet

11:56 – Muscle testing

20:06 – Food as medicine

24:26 – Lymphasizing, colonics, alkalizing diet, wheat grass, udos oils

28:50 – Microbiome of the gut

36:26 – Light body and good nutrition.


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