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Navigating The Ascension And Spiritual Awakening Empowerment with Whitney Schrader.

  • Feb 22, 2022

In this interview we will discuss:

⏩ Navigating the paradigm shifts & our spiritual awakening

⏩ Releasing the victimhood templates & anchoring in our original divine blueprints

⏩ Inner child & ancestral trauma healing

⏩ My awakening that was led by deep trauma, my deceased grandfather, my remembrance of my soul counterpart & my near death experience

⏩ my transformation & experiences with multiple healing modalities & the profound results

⏩ Seeing the magic in the mundane

⏩ The process of learning HOW to think, not what to think

⏩ Connecting to your souls highest truths, questioning the external hypnosis & creating your own narrative

⏩ Manipulation of the human race, spiritual warfare & how to be empowered during these times

⏩ The Law of One & our Extraterrestrial roots

⏩ Overcoming our fear about what people think of us

⏩ Creating safety & curiosity as opposed to fear & defensiveness

⏩ Our true abilities as humans to heal & making choices aligned with that healing


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