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Pete and Roxy, Med Beds and Raising Your Vibration

  • Sep 17, 2021

I had the honor of talking with Pete and Roxy regarding my Med Bed Experience.  This Med Bed session was a truly an amazing event  that continues to be very helpful for me.   This modality can address things like childhood trauma, and emotional, medical and mental issues of all kinds. It’s definitely something to look into if you want to feel better.  So without further ado I would love to introduce to you  Pete and Roxy  here to help raise your vibration.   Oh and this is a remote session so you can access this modality from anywhere!   I Hope you Enjoy the talk.


TO LEARN ABOUT and SCHEDULE a MED BED SESSION go to:  https://ul818.isrefer.com/go/mbs/CLD/

This discussion includes:

How they got started and how they were introduced to Med beds.

Their connections with ET’s Assisting the people that are “awake” and helping them take the next step.

Connecting with different types of Extra Terrestrial species and gaining trust.

My personal etheric experience on the Med Bed.

Everyone can learn to access these higher vibrations.

Workshops Are available to teach you this skill.

Breaking out of the 3-D vibrational levels of different extra terrestrial species.

Removing or clearing density stored within your body.

Talking about Palladian, Syrian, Octorian Species.

For more information go to the Practitioner page: Pete and Roxy


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