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Tanya Rosenbaum – Kambo’s Ceremony and Therapeutic Benefits

  • Oct 12, 2021

Tanya Rosenbaum is a CPA and an attorney. She has greatly increased the quality of her life by taking a naturally derived medicine called Kambo. Although it’s not a psychedelic it does put you into an altered state effecting your emotional, mental, spiritual level often changing your perspective of life and your day-to-day challenges. She is a encyclopedia of information on this topic and it’s definitely a fascinating modality to learn about. So stay tuned.
Where does combo come from?

What does it do to you?

What’s involved in the ceremony?

How does intention make a difference?

Combo can help relieve you of emotional stresses

What are some of the other benefits of combo?

What interest do the pharmaceutical companies have in combo?

Other complementary Methods during a combo ceremony.

History of tribal use of combo.

The application of the treatment.

There are many ways in which the body may respond. Detoxification to blissfulness.

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