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The Time Weaver – Finding & Healing The Source Of Your Pain with Nina Elliott

  • Sep 21, 2022

In this interview we will discuss:

01:45 – Nina Elliott’s background

04:30 – What is the Time Weaver?

12:15 – What to expect during a Time Weaver session.

16:20 – The Healey personal device 29:55 – The Time Weaver – licensed as a medical device in Europe


I personally had a amazing remote session with Nina and the Time Weaver. I could feel the targeted area that it was working on in my body even though the unit itself was hundreds of miles away. I was completely surprised by the experience and how i felt after the session. I will be doing that again! -Loren Duffey of The Global Healing Hub-


Nina Elliot works with men, women, and children who have been told they won’t get better or who are tired of taking pharmaceuticals and want a better solution. She delves into the source of your pain in order to connect you to the source of your healing.


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