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Remote Treatments Aval.

Combat Anxiety

Joey Hurl Breathwork guide and energy healer based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Founder of Joga Wellness - an all-inclusive wellness community focused on inspiration, motivation and transformation,...

isocratic tones

Yassine Darkaoui – Customized Isochronic Tones & Brain Entrainment Programs

Yassine is the creator of frequency tracks and programs for improved physical, mental, spiritual &...

Victoria Kunkoski – Reiki Practitioner and Explorer

Victoria first discovered Reiki in 2009 when she was dealing with personal issues. During her...

Raamon Newman

Raamon Newman, CEO Coach

New Mavericks Bios Raamon Newman & Paolo D'Angelo are the co-founders of New Mavericks, a...

Access Bars

Uma Alexandrea Beepat – Healer, Teacher, Writer, Wellness Center Owner

Uma Alexandrea Beepat is a wealth a knowledge... a powerful Healer and an amazing Teacher....

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