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Uma Alexandrea Beepat – Healer, Teacher, Writer, Wellness Center Owner

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Uma Alexandrea Beepat – Healer, Teacher, Writer, Wellness Center Owner

Uma Alexandrea Beepat is a wealth a knowledge... a powerful Healer and an amazing Teacher....

Katie Tolley

Katie Tolley – Pediatric Healthcare Provider & Integrative Healthcare Advocate

As a Pediatric Healthcare Provider, My mission is to support families that want to make...

Jill Featherstone

Jill Featherston. Theta Healing

What is Theta Healing®? Think of this easy energy healing approach as combining aspects of...


Megan Plummer – A Soul Integration Guide

She uses a couple fundamental tools to help guide people on their personalized  path.  Astrology,...


Kristine Hari Shabad, Transformational Energy Coach

Kristine Hari Shabad is a transformational energy coach. I help people restore a natural energy...


Dr. Connie, Psychoneurologist & Intuitive Coach

Leveraging over 25 years working directly with women business Leaders in 17 countries, Dr. Connie...


Laurin Seiden, Founder of New You Development

Laurin Seiden is the Founder of New You Development, your go-to resource for finding and...


Angel Kangalee, Kundalini Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach

Angel Kangalee is a certified Guided Meditation Facilitator, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Reiki Master...


Lesli Williams Theta Healer, Life Coach

Lesli Williams is a Life Coach, ThetaHealer, and Reiki Practitioner whose purpose is to serve...

Carlos the Medium

Carlos the Medium. Certified Medium

Carlos is an ordained minister in Divine Metaphysics and is a “Certified Medium” with the...


Lara Lark, Sound Therapy, singer, song writer, composer, producer

I like to characterize my music as playful, somatic and experiential by panning sounds and...

John Maguire Kinesiology

John Maguire, founder & director of the Kinesiology institute.

John Maguire is a world-renowned expert in the field of Applied Kinesiology and Touch for...


Maggie Salter, psychic medium, coach and facilitator

Maggie Salter from Harrisburg, PA is a Reiki Master, Natural Health Healer and Feng Shui...


Pauline Lignos, Heart Centered Energy Therapy

I am a Kundalini and Usui Reiki Master and trained in Animal Reiki, Seraphim Blueprint,...


Dan Wilson (Daka Dan the Medicine Man) – Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching

is a spiritual warrior with ambition to change the world one open heart at a...


StariAri. Toltec Shaman

Is a Shamanic healer, medical intuitive, psychic medium, and initiator of the Toltec Shaman path....


Heather Bond, LCSW-C, PSYCH-K

You are what you think! Let’s embark on a journey together where the limiting beliefs...


Jax Atlantis Spiritual Educator, Astrologer and Tarot Master

Jax Atlantis is a Spiritual Educator and Astrologer from Anaheim Hills, California. He is a...


Haylee Lynn. The Lucid Mystic

>Haylee Lynn is a Lucid Dreaming & Out of Body Experience Coach and has over...


Magic Mike – The Peace Dealer

The Peace Dealer is a cosmic counselor that employs the use of natural chart interpretation...


Sallie Keys – Transformational Healer – Spiritual Mentor

Spiritual Mentor, Abundance Activator and Awakener of Gifts and Purpose. She is a certified Akashic...


Stacey Niedentohl. Spiritual Healer

I, Stacey Niedentohl, am a Child of God, spiritual healer, shaman, medium, and clairvoyant whose...


Groundroots Healing.

MISSION GroundRoots Healing is a collective of change agents committed to building a community rooted...


Jayshree Surage, MS Yoga Therapy, Lian Mosher MS Yoga Therapy,

Jayshree Surage, MS Yoga Therapy, E-RYT 200 A deep calling, evoked by the countless incidents...

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