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Marla Torres, Critical Care Nurse and intuitive care provider.

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Patricia Hawse KarmaHuBB

Patricia Hawse, KarmaFest Founder

Patricia Hawse , the Founder of KarmaFest and Soul Purpose Productions, LLC, is a Shamanic...


Dan Wilson (Daka Dan the Medicine Man) – Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching

is a spiritual warrior with ambition to change the world one open heart at a...


StariAri. Toltec Shaman

Is a Shamanic healer, medical intuitive, psychic medium, and initiator of the Toltec Shaman path....


Stacey Niedentohl. Spiritual Healer

I, Stacey Niedentohl, am a Child of God, spiritual healer, shaman, medium, and clairvoyant whose...

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