Bo Bissett

Bo Bisset and the Amo Ni (I Love You) Method

Bo  Bisset has brought different healing methods together to help pinpoint and balance issues in the body and psyche.

This method called Amo Ni means I Love You.    This modality uses the principles of kinesiology and muscle testing.  We have the tools needed to talk to the one person in charge of the entire show. Most of us spend a lifetime looking outside of ourselves for the answers. Muscle testing puts you in DIRECT contact with your subconscious, giving you the places and ages you stored the emotions that are STILL directing your life ten, twenty… fifty years later!!!

Once you know what you’re dealing with, we use intention to connect with the emotions. After establishing a conscious connection, we use meridian points scattered around the upper body and the Amo breath to release the stored energy.

With that awareness you see point blank the thoughts, words, deeds, emotions, and energy you’ve held onto and used to create the life you are living.

It is in that moment that you have a choice: you can keep doing things the same way, or now that you know the behavior you’ve been using, you can choose differently. That is the power of this process.

That is the power of Amo Ni.

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