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Yassine Darkaoui – Customized Isochronic Tones & Brain Entrainment Programs

Yassine is the creator of frequency tracks and programs for improved physical, mental, spiritual & emotional wellbeing. His studies of frequencies started with a personal healing journey from depression and became his favorite tool for introspection and self-growth, as well as for mastering extreme athlete performance that led him to achieve two world records in sailing. His work is based on current research in neuroscience and neuropsychology and the latest discoveries in audio engineering. Driven by his insatiable thirst for knowledge, he is your expert for all questions related to frequencies and brainwave entrainment.

With Neurothink you can level up your healing and growth, leading you to lasting profound transformation. By using our carefully crafted brainwave entrainment programs you literally train your brainwaves to attain higher states of consciousness, well-being, and focus. It’s a very gentle, quick and precise way to reach a desired mental state by synchronising your brainwaves to a certain frequency.

The Neurothink app is like a gym for your brain. It provides you the best tools and programs to strengthen your present moment awareness, clarity, confidence and willpower, and to let go of tensions, stress, worries and anxiety.

The main advantage is: you can train whenever you want from the comfort of your bed or sofa, without effort and sweat! Simply lay down, put on your headphones, relax and tune in. The frequencies will assist you to find your way. The approach is simple, pleasant and effortless, yet very effective!

Train your brainwaves, change your mindset.



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