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5-Day Happiness Program

If you are ready to make a commitment to contentment, but you are unsure where to start, this five day course will introduce you to ideas on happiness that have been collected by my good friend and mentor Rev. Elizabeth Ferrall. She has added practices- ...

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Brain Entrainment Theta meditation guiding you to 5.5 Hz Sample Audio Program.

This technology really resonates with me.   It helps me to get into the mental space that I want to achieve by using these "Brain Resonance Programs". -Loren- Experience this sample to see how it leads you and then reach out to Yassine to create a ...

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Reiki Attunement (Kundalini) Classes with Angel Kangalee

Angel has many programs that can help you on your path.  I ,Loren Duffey, think she is the sweetest most delightful person and would recommend her to anybody who enjoys this refreshing personality type. Kundalini Reiki Classes - VIRTUAL We all have the natural ability ...

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