Jenna Leigh

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Jenna Leigh

  • Jul 28, 2021

I hope you’re all having yourself a great Saturday! I wanted to make a post today to say how grateful I am for Loren Duffey giving us a platform to get to know other like minded individuals and learn more about what it is we love to do and practice! And to also encourage others to fully utilize the resources, practitioners, and opportunities this incredible platform has!!
I am even more grateful for his emphasis on encouraging practitioners to post their resources and marketing materials which is how I found Pauline Lingnos and took her up on her PSYCH-K practice. I had only learned of PSYCH-K through Loren about a week prior before seeing Pauline’s post and knew divinely I had to take her up on the opportunity to try out this amazing alternative healing modality.
In short, what I experienced thanks to Pauline was absolutely LIFE CHANGING. Trying to put what happened during our session into words wouldn’t do it justice. I cannot recommend both KarmaHubb or Pauline enough and hope other people feel divinely guided just as I did to reach out to others as well. I promise you won’t regret it!!!

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