Jonda Leigh


Jonda Leigh

  • Jul 28, 2021

I’ve been watching Loren’s videos, on KarmaHuBB, since he first started creating them. The vast amount of knowledge I’ve absorbed is impressive. Although I’ve studied metaphysics, and alternative healing, for the last 25+ years, I found great value in all of the KarmaHuBB videos. Every. Single. One.
I’ve learned so much since the birth of KarmaHuBB and would personally recommend KarmaHuBB to anyone on a journey to greater understanding of the metaphysical realm, no matter how long they’ve been on said journey. Added Bonus: Everything I’ve watched was discussed in terms that anyone can understand, which is so important.
The knowledge shared on KarmaHuBB has helped me deepen some of my daily practices and opened up my world to some new information along the way, as well.
Grateful for the work you do Loren. It is so needed in the world today.

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