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Ways to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable in your own body… -in this free Ebook-

Free ebook on reducing anxiety link You will discover: 6 step routine to unblock your...

Brain Entrainment Theta meditation guiding you to 5.5 Hz Sample Audio Program.

This technology really resonates with me.   It helps me to get into the mental space...


Basic Background of Cleansing And Activating Your Chakras, Video Tutorial.

Enjoy this informative class with Jennifer Palmer, of Nourishing Journey, on the basics of working...


Chord Cutting, Releasing Unwanted Energies, Short Video Instruction by Elizabeth Ferrall

Chord cutting can release you of energies from others that my be attached to you...


Multiple Virtual Free Classes by Ground Roots Healing

We are holistic leaders of color that seek to uplift and support other people of...


Experience the “All Love” Energy, Remote classes with Sherry Tuegel

All Love, also known as Skhm, Sekhem, Seichim or Seikem is an energy from the...


Reiki Attunement (Kundalini) Classes with Angel Kangalee

Angel has many programs that can help you on your path.  I ,Loren Duffey, think...


FREE ONLINE 7-DAY SUMMIT: A Journey Through The Chakras

Learn how to be in your flow through all areas of life as each speaker...

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